Exploring the Supernatural Side of York County SC

Are you looking for a unique way to explore the supernatural side of York County SC? Look no further than Winthrop University's ghost tours at Tillman Hall. Park in the free parking lot and your adventure can begin. As you walk along the long, spooky trail to the new FEAR FARM MIDWAY, you may even encounter some of the creatures that have left the campground. The MIDWAY includes the Read more ticket, which gives you an insight into campus legends and the school's spookiest history.

York County is filled with urban legends and local charms, from the infamous Hex House to the chilling stories of York's Seven Gates to Hell. Here you'll find supernatural stories, local enchantments, and stories about York County's rich history. Many students are already making plans to tour with their friends, including Taylor Sallenger, a senior political science student who has heard a lot of positive things about touring. Meet your guide at the time of the tour, standing in front of the Getty Art Center, dressed in a red Ethereal Crack shirt and holding a flashlight. One of the most popular sites on the tour is the Hex Murder House, which is the site of Nelson Rehmeyer's brutal murder in 1928 in South York County. The York monument also has many stories of ghosts and apparitions, probably due in part to its rich history. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience that will take you on a journey through York County's supernatural side, then Winthrop University's ghost tours at Tillman Hall are for you.

From encountering creatures that have left the campground to learning about local legends and enchantments, this tour will give you an insight into York County's spookiest history. Plus, you'll get to visit some of its most iconic sites like the Hex Murder House and York Monument. Ghost Tour Bookings is not a provider of tours, experiences, or products and is not responsible for tours, experiences, or products provided or not provided by the tour operator, provider, or any other party. All prices, availability, and information about tours and products are subject to change without notice, and while we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices, availability, and information about the tours and products shown on this website, they are not guaranteed to be accurate.